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Founded in 1974, the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is a place for exhibition, discussion and reflection on contemporary art. A pioneer and reference institution on the Swiss and international art scene, the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève raises the major issues of our time.

A space for research and experimentation, the Centre presents to all audiences ambitious projects, often produced for the occasion, involving all fields of contemporary practice: installation, music, painting, performance, photography, photography, sculpture, dance, drawing or video art, with a unique program of events and projections within its Dynamo Cinema and the Biennale of Moving Images as its high point.

The dynamic and lively program proposed by the Centre, in the form of temporary exhibitions and inclusive and educational cultural activities in innovative formats, promotes creation and encourages active civic participation in contemporary culture.

During 45 years of activity, the Centre has presented more than 300 exhibitions of national and international artists, participated in the discovery of emerging talents or the rediscovery of established figures, hosted local artists in residence and organized numerous educational and socio-artistic activities.

Agapornis (Louise Jarrige — Le Berre & Zoé Marmier), Marilou Bal, Fanny Balmer, James Bantone, Tristan Bartolini, Gustave Didelot, Rémi Dufay, Camille Dumond, Nagi Gianni, Virginie Jemmely, Yasmine Nabli, Sébastien Schnyder, Jonathan Vidal, Louise Leï Wang, Ilana Winderickx
Bourses de la Ville de Genève 2022

02.09 – 02.10.2022

Vernissage et proclamation des lauréat·e·x·s le 1er septembre, dès 18h00

Will Benedict
Dialogue of the Dogs

15.10 – 18.12.2022

Vernissage le 14 octobre, dès 18h00

Le Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève est heureux de présenter Dialogue of the Dogs, une exposition des œuvres de l’artiste américain Will Benedict, qui vit et travaille actuellement à Paris.

Dialogue of the Dogs est la première exposition monographique d’envergure de Will Benedict en Suisse – et l’une de ses plus ambitieuses. L’artiste occupera les deux étages du Centre pour y présenter des œuvres existantes et de nouvelles productions sous la forme de peintures, vidéos et installations.