Tuesday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. and Saturday from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.
6, rue des Sablons – 1205 Geneva 7, rue du Vieux-Billard – 1205 Genève
T: +41 22 321 94 14

Founded by Renos Xippas in 1990 in Paris, Xippas Gallery has been expanding ever since in major European and Latin American cities. Focused on international contemporary art, the gallery has been developed as a platform for discovery and promotion of both young and established artists.

In 2011, Xippas established itself in the Helvetic art scene opening a gallery in Geneva in the renowned “Quartier des Bains”, near the MAMCO. The gallery became an important actor of the Swiss art scene, representing and discovering numerous Swiss and International artists.

A new gallery was recently been founded in Brussels, as a result of the common vision and cooperation between Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas and was inaugurated in April 2019.

The most recent landmark in the history of Xippas is the new stylish gallery space in Latin America, in the countryside of Punta del Este, Uruguay, inaugurated in January 2020.

30 years after its conception, with spaces in Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Montevideo and Punta del Este, the gallery continues to represent and exhibit an international spectrum of prominent artists working in a wide variety of media.

das gewachsene – ce qui a grandi

16.03 – 29.04.23

Vernissage dans le cadre de la Nuit des Bains, 16.03.23, 18h-21h


Alain Biltereyst
John Phillip Abbott
Darren Almond
Farah Atassi
Bertille Bak
Yves Bélorgey
Dominique Blais
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
José Manuel Broto
Waltercio Caldas
Yamandú Canosa
Karishma D’souza
Stéphane Dafflon
Sigismond De-Vajay
Jeremy Dickinson
Emilie Ding
Rita Fischer
Alberto García-Alix
Cao Guimarães
Peter Halley
Herbert Hamak
Robert Irwin
Valerie Jouve
Panos Kokkinias
Ricardo Lanzarini
Thomas Liu Le Lann
Vera Lutter
Marco Maggi
Dean Monogenis
Vik Muniz
Matthew Porter
Pepa Prieto
Raha Raissnia
Philippe Ramette
Pablo Reinoso
Bettina Rheims
Yvan Salomone
Lucas Samaras
Michael Scott
James Siena
Pablo Siquier
Joël Stein
Joel Sternfeld
Eduardo Stupía
Dani Umpi
Pedro Varela
Dan Walsh
Yves Zurstrassen