open from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
37, rue du Stand – 1204 Geneva
T: +41 22 329 60 69
M: +41 78 882 84 39

Established in 1981, Andata/Ritorno is one of the most important places dedicated to contemporary art in Geneva. Founded as an association, it is a platform for experimentation and a promotional laboratory for young artists or establish but relatively unknown artists. Andata/Ritorno is unique with its off-programme, ensuring a diversity of expressions in the cultural panorama of Geneva’s cultural and artistic scene. Andata/Ritorno offers a glimpse of an essential intermediary path between commercial spaces and institutions.

Andata/Ritorno has hosted many artists’ first solo show, some of whom are now world-renowned, and has worked with more than 250 Genevan, Swiss, and international artists such as John Aldus, Guillaume Bijl, Etienne Bossut, Bill Culbert, Gloria Friedmann, Qiu Jie, David Mach, Bernard Moninot, Jacques Monory, Gianni Motti, Orlan, Carmen Perrin among many others.

The association continues its work with more than 10 exhibitions and events organized each year.

From Ashes To Dust
14.09.23 — 07.10.23
Vernissage le jeudi 14 septembre dans le cadre de la Nuit des Bains.
Visite guidée le samedi 16 septembre à 16h dans le cadre de la Geneva Art Week.