from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and by appointment
23, rue des Bains – 1205 Geneva
T: +41 79 818 71 82

Espace_L is dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions. It is also a place for experimentation and synergy between various artistic events. Its programme includes international artists, and particularly highlights Brazilian contemporary art.

In its “experimentation” part, espace_L offers workshops, meetings with contemporary art specialists. Open to events organized by other institutions, the space serves as a venue for various events.

Exposition collective
jusqu’au 27.02.21
Niura Bellavinha, Victoire Cathalan, Ana D. & Noora K., Fernando de la Rocque, Charles Husser, Denis Jutzeler, Lyz Parayzo, Catherine Rebois, Vivianne van Singer, Julien Spiewak, Mai-Britt Wolthers et Vasilis Zografos

Niura Bellavinha
Victoire Cathalan
Ana D. & Noora K.
Fernando de La Rocque
Charles Husser
Denis Jutzeler
Mila Mayer
Lyz Parayzo
Catherine Rebois
Vivianne van Singer
Julien Spiewak
Mai-Britt Wolthers
Vasilis Zografos