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15, rue des Rois – 1204 Geneva
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The Centre d’édition contemporaine (Centre genevois de gravure contemporaine until 2000) is an institution dedicated to the production and the promotion of contemporary editions and to making exhibitions, thus bringing together the specific fields of edition and contemporary art. Several emerging or well-established artists, from Switzerland or abroad, are invited to make an exhibition and to produce an edition (prints, artist’s books, publications, multiples, …).

Exposition collective
Bridge the gap

Harry Burke, Timothée Calame, Liz Craft, Keren Cytter, Guillaume Dénervaud, Anne Dressen/Nick Mauss, David Hominal, Dorothy Iannone, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Fabian Marti, Paul Paillet, Susan Te Kahurangi King

06.05 — 09.07.2021


Fermeture estivale : 10.07 — 16.08.2021

Suite de l’exposition : 17.08 — 10.09.2021

Exhibition view, Bridge the gap, CEC, 2021. © Sandra Pointet