Quartier des Bains Quartier des Bains Quartier des Bains Quartier des Bains

Le Quartier des Bains

The Quartier des Bains Association, 17 cultural venues (galleries, institutions,...), aims to encourage and promote contemporary art in Geneva in the Quartier des Bains area, which has become over the last few years a platform for contemporary art in Switzerland.

As in New York, Paris, Berlin or Zurich, you can find in Geneva a district where contemporary galleries are concentrated. Based in the centre of the city, the galleries show fascinating exhibitions for art lovers. They have the great advantage to be near two strong institutions: the Mamco (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain), and the Centre d’art Contemporain Genève.

Today, the members of the Quartier des Bains are:

Centre d’Art Contemporain
Centre d'édition contemporaine
Centre de la photographie Genève
Espace L
Fondation Fluxum
Galerie Laurence Bernard
Galerie Patrick Cramer
Galerie Mezzanin
Galerie Joy de Rouvre
Galerie Xippas
Mamco, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain
Médiathèque / FMAC
Skopia / P.-H. Jaccaud

Les Nuits des Bains

The Association organizes 3 Nuit des Bains per year in March, May and September. The Association organizes as well one opening in January, for the year beginning and preceding artgenève

During these events, several thousands people are visiting the Quartier des Bains. The public attending the openings is very diverse. Among art buyers and artists, many students, Young Urban Professionals, politicians, journalists and Geneva international residents visit the Quartier des Bains. The area has become the destination for anyone serious about art. The Mamco and the Centre d’art participate to the three events by opening their doors to the public during the opening nights.