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Since 2014, Galerie Joy de Rouvre has developed a program specifically devoted to mural painting and screen printing. This orientation is the result of a double intention: on the one hand, to offer artists the possibility of investing the entire space of the gallery with in-situ pictorial interventions (without the constraints related to the production of “static” objects); On the other hand, to promote the accessibility of contemporary art through the production of multiple works.

Each mural, conceived in interaction with the architectural framework of the gallery, is accompanied by a certificate which allows the buyer to materialize the work in a new context. The work thus knows several states of existence. As is usual with certificates of conceptual art, this prescriptive document leaves a variable margin of interpretation.

The screenprints produced for each exhibition also involve specific production, exhibition and distribution methods. Their price is intended to facilitate the acquisition of works of major artists by the greatest number. The multiple character of serigraphy, unlike the fetishized single object, allows the work to be appreciated in different times and situations and to circulate more fluidly.

Karim FORLIN, Mai-Thu PERRET, Guillaume PILET, Delphine RENAULT
Céramiques contemporaines

15.09 – 22.10.2022

Vernissage jeudi 15 septembre de 18h à 21h dans le cadre de la Nuit des Bains

Stéphane KROPF
En Suite

23.09 – 25.09.2022

Vernissage le 23 septembre dès 18h.

20 galeries d’art contemporain dans l’hôtel Alpha Palmiers à Lausanne dans le cadre de la Nuit des Musées.


Sylvain Croci-Torti
Karim Forlin
Christian Floquet
Arthur Fouray
Frédéric Gabioud
Jérôme Hentsch
Aimée Hoving
Stéphane Kropf
David Malek
Hugo Pernet
Guillaume Pilet
Delphine Renault
François Ristori
Hugo Schüwer-Boss
Dominik Stauch
Baker Wardlaw