from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
5, rue de Hesse – 1204 Geneva

LiveInYourHead is the exhibition program of the Visual Arts Department of HEAD – Geneva.

Somewhere between a space for experimentation, a place of work and encounters, its activities are based on an intense series of invitations to personalities from different horizons – artists, curators, designers, filmmakers, musicians, etc. – to carry out specific projects in association with groups of students. Developed in complete liberty, these singular projects offer as many visions of what an exhibition is today, playing with space, which has been continually transformed through projects, time, durations are ranging from one night to several weeks, but also with forms, from painting, sound to performance.

Exposition collective
Comment quitter la terre?

Exposition reportée

Commissariat : Jill Gasparina et Christophe Kihm avec les étudiant.e.s du work.master Julie Bellard, Grégory Bourrilly, William Fernandes, Roger Gaillard, Eliott Waldis

Œuvres de Julie Bellard, Grégory Bourilly, Bertrand Dezoteux, William Fernandes, Roger Gaillard, Charlie Malgat, Eliott Waldis. Avec la participation d’Andrea Cera.

Astronauts Rhea Seddon and Robert Gibson in a NASA parabolic training flight, 1978-1979 © NASA